It was great to see Claire Underwood remove Francis‘ cigarettes in Season-2 of the popular House of Cards show. Francis (“Frank”) is using the e-cigarettes in one scene as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The writers of House of Cards for showing this on big TV to the masses. I realize, that it is not an endorsement in anyway or form, but I applaud them because they are showcasing what’s out there, and that they are worth a serious consideration. They cannot be ignored as many regulatory bodies have done, suggesting waiting for definitive proof is far more important than reducing harm for the masses right away.e-cig ,e cigarette ,vaporizerClaire Underwood (Robin Wright): You’re cheating.
Francis “Frank” Underwood (Kevin Spacey): No, I am not. It’s vapor.
We hope more smokers will consider this tool. Having helped thousands of smokers start reducing harm from tobacco by switching to our products, we believe this has a potential to help many-many more. We acknowledge that this is not the only solution, and that there must be a framework in place that forces all companies selling these products to be held to the highest standards in quality of e-juice and devices themselves. Moreover, as former smokers and practicing surgeons, our team understands the importance of not normalizing smoking again. We understand and promote it as a novel tool that can help many current smokers who miss the sensation, tactical motion and taste.

Habits are difficult to break, I think mostly because of their automatic, ubiquitous and software like nature, running in the background of our unconscious brain. Addictions, such as to cigarettes / nicotine, are even more difficult because there is a physical withdrawal, in addition to severe craving and habits that have become part of the routine over the years. Cigarette smoking has been proven to be one of the most difficult habits to break, and one of the hardest addiction to overcome. Thats primarily where E-Cigs and other electronic vaporizers come in. They are a tool that you can use after you have made a conscious and well-planned goal to go tobacco free. Different people use it differently to meet their personalized goals, and we invite you to speak with us so we can share with you what we learned from other users who were in the same position as you.
Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey): Addiction without the consequences.
Claire Underwood: It’s all yours.
(in House of Cards, Netflix)
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