Maybe you never heard before, or imagined before, how could E Hookah Head — a kind of Smoking way could deep your friendship. Here please see below.
For the traditional E Hookah, people can smoke together, but they never got any exciting new experience, what all is just talking with each other, no amazing feeling. With Amanoo E Hookah Head, there is another function added in to rich the interaction among E Hookah and smoking people.
Highlight comes now: there is a LCD screen shows up on the E Hookah Head, it can show smoking time, puffs, battery volume and working voltage, like a small game goes on. Who’s smoking time can surpass 10 seconds, who will be the winner, then the E Hookah Head will have a very gorgeous flash lighting. Then games keep going on. Whose times last longer, who will be the new winner. How exciting. Laughters will spread the whole room. Friendship is also deeped naturally because of the E Hookah Head. amanoo-shisha-e-hookah-head