The SHISHA industry remained mostly for centuries unchanged , and the amanoo electronic shisha head brings modern convenience to it. This smart and nice looking E-shisha Head is already revolutionising both the commercial Shisha Lounge market , and the domestic shisha market .

This electronically engineered shisha head enable its user to smoke the tranditional shishas/hookahs without the dangers of tobacoo and tar but with the delight of a selection of flavours .

Advantages of Amanoo E Shisha head
Fit with all Traditional hookahs.Huge vapor with top quality.
Voltage control system,from3.0V-6.0V,quick and easy to setup.
Pure metal material,elegant in texture.
Touch OLED screen, Indicating puffs number and time
With an large tank,capacity of 10ml e-liquid

E hookah head