These days I read a profound sentence-inhale the future, exhale the past. Healthy vaping is like breathing fresh air. The cool mint hits from your mouth through throat then to lung that’s the most invigorating and relaxing moment. In recent years, more and more people give up smoking to start a vaping life. That’s a laudable switch for a healthier lifestyle. There is a table about the switch from smoking to vaping according to national adolescent drug trends in 2018.

Obviously, you can see from the table above, the vapor products birth in 2015. Before 2015 most people regard it as a freak. But in 2016 it comes with a great turning point. Vaping has gotten crazier since 2016. Are you satisfied with the vape device you currently have? Today let’s follow with Amanoo to see exactly how to “switch” your vaping life.

There are two switches showed in the picture above. One is for e-juice refilling and another one is for airflow adjustment. They are placed on the two different sides of the pod.


Refilling Switch

That’s a humanized design. For it’s totally distinctive from the traditional filling system. The switch makes Amanoo pod mod outstanding in so many dazzling vapes. Now you can refill your favorite e-juice directly by a light switching on.


Airflow Adjusting Switch

Most vapers focus on the customizable experience. Cigarettes have limited airflow. When using Amanoo PM1, You can do DL or MTL vaping by moving the side airflow adjusting switch up and down.


That’s not only the switch of our device but also the great switch of Amanoo. Most Hookah sellers and reviewers would be familiar with Amanoo E Hookah head. Nowadays, Amanoo gorgeously turns to the pod mod and more trendy products in the future. Do you wanna improve your vaping quality? Let’s make a switch for a better vaping life following with Amanoo.