” How do you usually refill e-juice for your pod?”

“First pull out the pod from the body of the mod. Then start to fill.”

Yes. Most people would say that. But today I gonna show you something different. There is a picture A and picture B.

A is X brand. B is our Amanoo brand. What can you find by comparing A and B? Yes, you can pull out a pod of the two devices. But if you wanna refill e-juice, you needn’t pull it out when using Amanoo PM1. We can call it a “lazy filling system”.

The explanation of the lazy filling system

Analogy it, many people may have the experience with “lazy slippers”. Especially for the COVID-19 pandemic, most people working from home. Usually slipper every day even though we go out for some shopping. Similarly, designing the lazy filling system, our R&D team intends to make a product of which function is complex but simple to use. It’s a revolutionary innovation in the filling system.

The advantage of lazy filling system

For the first point, you can get it easily. It’s more convenient for you to refill e-juice. As for another point, it can make everything keep clean. It will not oil your fingers or your device.  That’s would be more friendly to a perfectionist. When using Amanoo PM1, they will not complain as oh my gosh! So oily, my hands, my pods and everywhere.

There is a good sentence that the minor design would make a big difference. From what I talked about above, do you like our design? You can get one to do some research then you will receive more surprises.