To be a E-Hookah fans , must know the evolution of e-hookah firstly. Amanoo edit these words about E-hookah for you better reference.
The E-hookah is one of the newest vaping devices to hit the market. The design and the idea go back to the 14th Century and the overall usage of the hookah has remained the same through throughout history, however as of recently, the hookah has been revamped for the modern day electronic cigarette user.
The e-hookah and e-cigs are rather similar as far the vapor production is concerned. In a typical hookah, hot coals heat the Shisha to vapor it and then it can be smoked. Just like an electronic cigarette there is an heating element that warms up the e-liquid to create a vapor. Take both of these devices and combine them, and now you have the best of both worlds!
The cool factor of being able to share in the vaping experience with friends and instead of traditional tobacco (or Shisha) you can mix and match different flavors without all the negative side effects of smoke, tar and the burning tobacco. Hookahs are considered a great way to socialize with friends and can be very popular at parties but the majority of e-hookah users are finding themselves looking to take the great taste of the hookah to a more personal experience – that’s where the e-hookah pens come in to play. The disposable hookah pens are rapidly becoming more and more popular due to the lack of harshness that some ecigs may produce. Most e-hookah pens deliver a more earthy-tobacco taste than say, a personal vaporizer. Most users typically choose a e-hookah without nicotine – as this option releases the flavor of choice a little more cleaner, allowing it to be much more robust. Traditional tobacco flavors will always be a best seller but due to the nature of portable e-hookah pens, but luckily its harder to not find a flavor you are looking for as the catalog of flavors is practically limitless.
When choosing your first, or next e-hookah there are three main aspects to focus on: battery power, ease of use and most importantly finding that eliquid/juice flavor(s) that makes it all worth while! Shisha flavors are normally the way some vendors describe their eliquid options, to keep the authenticity of the device to its predecessor. Like most electronic vaping devices, e-hookahs offer the same great features as those of an ecig – no tobacco, no tar and in some cases rechargeable.