Like many other e-cigarette entrepreneurs, Weecke uses technology to disrupt stodgy industries. Unlike most of industry peers, they enjoys describing themself as a tobacco executive, which tends to elicit a mixed response. At the China ECIG Forum recently, a handful of the other guests booed that statement, he says. “Then I explained that we don’t just make tobacco products; we’re trying to bring vaporizers to the marketplace.” The room was more sympathetic to vaporizers, typically electronic pipes that heat liquid to produce an inhalant with lower levels of carcinogens than smoke. “Eventually, they applauded,” the Spokesman from Weecke says.
Its loose-leaf vaporizer, the Weecke, can be used to inhale heated vapor from dry herbs as well as tobacco. The vaporizer—on sale in Austria, Europe, Usa, and thousands of other retail stores allover the world—has become almost ubiquitous at concerts and music festivals throughout the New becoming ones of the year’s best products . Weecke is also gaining traction with a novel electronic cigarette called the Gum Tobacco Vaporizer. The device heats small pods of tobacco, unlike most e-cigarettes that use liquid mixtures of nicotine and synthetic materials. “We think there is an opportunity for tobacco to be reinvented and consumed in different ways,” Weecke’s engineer Gavin says.

Weecke’s tobacco vaporzer, a device released in last year, looks more like a pen. Its LED light surrounding the power button, and switch in color red and green to indicate the temperature of the chamber heating .C Vapor
The newest, Weecke Tobacco Vaporizer II which released this September, is a vaporizer with a pop-out mouthpiece and a lid that rotates open to reveal a small compartment for loose-leaf tobacco or other substances. By vape standards, it’s smart, stylish, and easy to use.