Amanoo electronic cigarettes, also known as virtual cigarettes, electronic atomizer, the electronic cigarette has the same appearance and cigarettes, and cigarettes taste similar, and even many of the best electronic cigarette per cent more than the taste of cigarettes, amanoo electronic cigarettes and other tobacco suck out the smoke aspirated taste sensation. Mainly used for smoking cessation and alternative cigarettes. Electronic cigarette is a non-burning cigarette substitute it with some features similar to ordinary cigarettes, to refreshing to meet a smoker’s pleasure and habit for many years. However, the amanoo electronic cigarette does not burn tobacco on different general nature, does not contain tar, free of combustion can cause respiratory and cardiovascular disease, while more than 460 kinds of chemical substances, thereby eliminating the ordinary smoke carcinogens produced by ordinary cigarettes. Amanoo Electronic cigarette does not produce “passive smoking” harm and pollution of the environment of others.