The most recent company news comes all the way from Amanoo website, Amanoo held a cloud competition for R & D staff ,with the purpose to create real huge vapor products.The winner will get a mystery gift ,while the one who get the worst will be ice bucket punished.vapor-cloud
Background of the cloud competition:
For those of you who are unaware of cloud competitions, they’re a friendly competition to show who can produce the largest amount of vapor from a vaporizer they already launched. Those that enter these competitions commonly use mechanical mods in conjunction with rebuildable dripping atomizers. To make things fair, the contestants are provided e-liquid that they must use during the competition so that there is no difference in the e-liquids propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin percentage between the contestants.
Staff are competitive, it’s just human nature and something within us all. It stretches across every category; with cars it’s racing, with skateboards it’s tricks, and with e-cigs, well, it’s vapor. This competitiveness originated all the way back in 776 BC, where historical records indicate the time when the Ancient Olympic Games were held. Still to this day competing continues to flow through us, whether it’s to see who can mark the fastest time while skiing down chilling carved slopes to who can eat their pizza the fastest
Cloud competitions have surely been heard of within the electronic cigarette industry, but not everyone has had the ability to attend one. Being a vaper, and of course leaning very far into the hobby side of the industry, it’s oddly exciting to watch as multiple people fill their bodies with loads upon loads of mouth watering vapor and exhale clouds large enough to make you think they’re human chimneys. It’s an incredible sight to watch, indeed.
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